The opioid crisis led to the removal of many antalgics from the market. Unfortunately, the opioids themselves are not the cause of the opioid crisis. They are still implemented in other regions of the world, without too much concern. However, the American health system is designed so that people prefer taking drugs constantly instead of seeking treatment when they can't afford it. Sometimes, they cannot afford the follow up necessary to take those medications safely.

I've been taking an opium-based medication for half a year now, for a chronic and incurable painful disease. I am never tempted to take more than I need because it works fine. However, if I were on another drug that wouldn't relieve me as well, I would probably consider consuming more than I should, in a desperate move. Indeed, the pain is so bad that I stay awake 36h at least once a weak. These conditions are perfect for an overdose.

French writer, jurist, youth worker.