Supposing everybody can become a millionaire if they work hard enough require the following conjectures :

  • That everyone has access to an education, from their first years as a child to the education they’ll need to work
  • That everyone has time to work hard on a project they want to grow (not 3 children to feed of or relatives to take care of, who could be impacted if things goes wrong)
  • That everyone has access to the tools they’d need to work
  • That everyone is healthy mentally and physically
  • That everyone is be treated decently by their co-workers, bosses, and clients, no matter what genre, sexual orientation, race, origins, religion or health.
  • That nothing so bad happen that they would have to give up (disease, death of relative, natural catastrophe, war, I don’t know, the world is not just a beautiful place you know)
  • That everyone has a decent place to live and work in
  • That everyone want to set a goal to became a millionaire instead of spending time with their a family, pursuing their passion or anything else they might want to dedicate their life to.

And if you have all of that and you want to he a millionaire, then bravo you’ve already won the life lottery, may you be guiden to the way to riches.

And if one or more of the previous suppositions doesn’t apply to you, you still have your chance, but don’t expect it to be as easy as they say.

French writer, jurist, youth worker.