RATM was a rebellious band, they didn’t hide their anti-governementalist ideas.

The problem with Trump supporters is that they have their own version of anti-governementalism. They don’t feel understood by institutions (too elitist apparently), by scientifics (too democrats and too elitist as well), or by mainstream politicians.

And when you look very far to the right, and start digging into neo-nazi and white supremacists movements, you’ll see they hate governments to their guts.

Maybe this is one of the reasons they find something they like in RATM and other “give the power to people” bands.

Of course, this doesn’t mean they intended their message this way.

Generally speaking, I think a lot of artists self-censore their ideas today, because of the fear they might be used the wrong way.

The French realisator Matthieu Kassowitz who made the movie “la haine” in 1995, the story of group of teeanagers in Paris’ subburbs who become criminals, said he could not have made a movie like that nowadays. Perhaps it was too violent, or too taboo, or it could give people the wrong kind of inspiration.

French writer, jurist, youth worker.