How to Gain and Maintain the Attention of a Group of Children

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Setting Rules that Will Be Respected

At the very beginning of your camp, your class, or your school year, whatever it is that you are doing, you should edict a policy along with the children. It’s easier to enforce rules if they have participated in their creation.

Children Enjoy the Silence

Maybe the less enjoyable part of working with children is to require their attention and ask for silence.

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Boredom Is Your Enemy

In training, we were told to organize games to keep the children busy. Teenagers were not much into playing games. I thought it was a little condescending as well. When I was their age, I would have hated that kind of activity. I’d rather have stayed with my friends sitting on a bench and talking about our lives. So I offered them more free time, which only made things worst!

Create Engaging Activities

If your activity fails, it’s probably your fault, not the children’s.

Be Organized

If your group is late, it’s probably your fault, again (sorry).

Gain their Trust

If a child continuously misbehaves and is disrespectful to you, he or she might have a problem with authority.

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Pay Attention to Rythm

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