2,500 dollars a month!! I am so sorry. I am French and has the same problem, but my mum could never have paid for the treatment (injection every weeks) without social security. She never had to pay anything. I am so shocked by the actual price!

By the way, my mum never forced me to do anything, but I was so ashamed of having boobs growing at 8 years old that I wore heavy sweaters at school to hide them in the middle of summer. I am so glad I received this treatment, there is no way a little girl could deal properly with pads so young, thinking about changing during breaks, enduring period pain and other PMS symptoms. Plus, the begging of puberty is also when teenager start to feel attracted to the opposite sex (or same sex), want to fall in love etc… it’s not only cultural, but the result of hormones waking up. Young child need psychological care when dealing with puberty so early.

Thank you for sharing your story

French writer, jurist, youth worker.